September 2019 – Getting organised


We are in the 9th month of the year already, September brings new beginnings.
The end of nursery, the start of big school, a year of working towards exams; the end of college; the start of University – the milestones, the changes, the worry, the joy.

Many of you will be sending children back to school or away to university and getting back into an organised routine. This can leave you feeling deflated as you again muster up the creativity to make meals quick, easy, exciting and healthy all at the same time.
Let me try and ease that burden with some monthly recipes that will be different, use spices to enhance flavour not destroy your taste buds and maybe just maybe, you will get a little “Thanks” from your loved ones!

September for me is a bridging month, we leave summer behind and enter the colourful season of Autumn and with it you see a flurry of fine produce not only begin to disappear, but new ones emerge.
It’s the month for berries. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.
The late ripening crops of summer, that hold on to that extra ray of sunshine like the sweetness and goodness of corn, either on the cob or kernels can make versatile dishes from salads, fritters to spiced chowders.
My favourite, the tomato. This would truly be one of my desert Island ingredients and in September I’ll share with you how to make an unusual quick and easy salad and a down to earth Tomato curry recipe.
Don’t forget the apples, plums and nectarines along with plenty of game that sits proudly in this month.

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