September 2019 -Thoughts of Summer


As the rain hits hard against the windscreen, the day is dark and grey and I fumble for my gloves, my thoughts turn to a more pleasant time. Only 3 weeks ago I was in Seville.  The sunshine beating down on me, cool cottons next to my skin. I turn to face the sun and feel the glow on my cheeks. That glow made everything happy and content.

It was my first time in Seville and I was more than impressed! I’ve been to Madrid and Barcelona, but if you ask me to rank all three places, Seville definitely comes out at number one.  Why? The weather in September was perfect. The people, with their brashness and speed of language are actually, much friendlier, especially when you attempt to try and speak in Spanish. Then there’s the beautiful architecture, dating from the 11th century right through to modern times, connected by the narrowest of cobbled streets, leading to spacious plant hugging courtyards.  Its a pretty city with an air of authenticity. Then there’s the food, I want you to be able taste what I did!

Seville Cuisine uses the most natural ingredients, mainly locally sourced and full of natural flavour. The big stand out for me, was  “The Tomato”. Oh, my days….truly scrumptious and so simply done.

We cycled from Seville to Cadiz and stopped at a variety of eateries, from  truck stop cafes to quaint little fine dining gems, but wherever we  went the humble tomato was like a jewel in the crown of Seville.

Not always thinly sliced, but smothered in good Spanish olive oil, sprinkled with salt and a touch of crushed garlic, sometimes even with a caper dressing and thinly sliced red onion, was the best I have ever tasted. The tomatoes were succulent, a deep shade of red and more importantly sweetened with the taste of sunshine. I can only put it down to the sunshine, as I tried to replicate this back in England and bought supermarket tomatoes, organic ones and locally grown tomatoes with lashings of the Spanish Olive oil and red onion.  Sadly, it wasn’t the same!

To keep you going through the cold, wet days, here’s my version of a tomato salad. Add a little bit of sunshine and colour into your day, try the simple  Garam Masala Tomato Salad


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