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My tandoori blend is the perfect base for all kinds of dishes. It contains no artificial colouring or preservatives, so you won’t get that artificial bright red look. No citric acid or salt, as a squeeze of fresh lemon and salt and pepper, is all you need. If you like tandoori chicken or chicken tikka masala, use this blend to recreate those mouth-watering flavours.


Cumin, paprika, mango powder, coriander, chilli powder, turmeric, cassia bark, garlic powder, ginger powder, cloves [30g].

Quick & Easy:
Add 2 level tbsp to vegetable/rapeseed oil; salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Marinade chicken(500g); firm white fish, haloumi; or any vegetables e.g. butternut squash, for at least 30 mins before pan frying.

More Authentic:
Add crushed garlic (1-2 cloves), ½ inch piece of freshly grated ginger to the above marinade.

Cooking to Impress:
Try out the Tandoori Pumpkin Biryani recipe on this website.

Hints & Tips:
1. You can use with plain yogurt instead of oil for the marinade giving you a milder flavour
2. Sprinkle on oven chips or potato wedges, prior to baking
3. Mix with tomato ketchup for a dip

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  1. Sebastian

    Picked up one these little tins from my local fishmonger as I thought it would be a great compliment to the monkfish I had just bought. Followed the little guide lines on the side of the package (which are easy to understand, especially for me who isn’t the best cook) and hey presto! The fish tasted great and didn’t have that horrible artificial aftertaste that I’ve had from the supermarket ones. Didn’t use much either so I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl on some other inventions (sprinkled over chips anyone?) Definitely worth a try!

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