These cute mini tins come in a sleek and stylish kraft cardboard gift tube, decorated with twine and a tag for your own personal message.

A perfect gift of 6 mini spices or botanicals to infuse any drink, but especially a gin and tonic or even just a tonic!

  • rose petals,
  • cardamom pods
  • coriander seeds
  • pink peppercorns
  • dried orange slices
  • juniper berries.

Five infusion bags are included

Can be used with non alcoholic drinks. For instance steep the (slightly crushed) juniper berries in tonic and ice and it will be like drinking a G&T without the sin!


This gin infusion mini gift set consists of 6 botanicals and spices: juniper berries 15 g, cardamom pods 15 g , coriander seeds 15 g, pink peppercorns 15 g, rose petals  2.5 g and dried orange slices 15 g.

Enough for over 20 drinks!

Cardboard gift tube measures 17 cm high and a diameter of 6.5 cm; Individual tins 2.7cm high by 5.7 cm D

Quick & Easy:
Add whichever of the 6 spices to gin and tonic and allow to steep for 5 mins, giving it a stir. Alternatively, place spices in the drawstring infusion bags, allow to steep for 5-10 mins in gin and tonic. Remove bag before drinking.

Hints & Tips:

  1. You can add juniper berries to tonic and ice for a non alcoholic alternative
  2. Add slices of fresh orange or lemon to give a citrus tang
  3. Try it with different combinations like elder-flower cordial too



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