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A set of 6 mini tins each containing an international spice blend. Perfect for those foodies that you just don’t know what to buy for!

The sleek and simple black cardboard tube contains all 6 blends and is wrapped with twine and a tag, ready to write your own personal message.

This gift set consists of the most popular blends chettinad 15g, taco seasoning 15g, spice crust 15g, zaater 10g, piri piri 15g, and a tandoori blend 15g. Each tin has at least enough spice for 2 meals for a family of 4, so that’s 12 meals!*


*calculated on 1 1/2 tsp per meal


Set of 6 mini spice tins: Chettinad blend 15 g, Taco seasoning blend 15 g, Spice Crust blend 15 g,  Piri piri blend 15 g, Za’ater  15 g and Tandoori blend 15 g

This is a cute selection of the best selling six spice blends in miniature aluminium tins, within a kraft cardboard gift tube. A simple, sleek and sophisticated tube wrapped in twine and a tag, just the ticket for that special occasion gift.

The tube measures 17 cm in height and a diameter of 6.5 cm

Chettinad is a South Indian, fennel based blend, delicious as a dry rub or marinade, for meat, fish or halloumi or use to roast a cauliflower Roasted Chettinad Cauliflower

Tasty Taco blend from Mexico, great in fajitas, burritos or simply add to chilli.

A delicate blend called spice crust,  for fish, chicken and pork, the herbs mixed with breadcrumbs creates a crust to top fish. Delicious with roast potatoes! Try the Spice Crust Fish Recipe

Pack a punch with Piri piri from Portugal. An all time favourite in mayonnaise or ketchup as a dip, or sprinkled onto fries or potato wedges. Can also be used as a rub to marinade a roast chicken.

Zesty Za’atar from the Middle East, lovely mixed with olive oil and brushed onto warm flat breads or scatter on hummus.

The tangy tandoori is so versatile as a marinade or in stir fries, also perfect for a Sunday roast chicken.


More recipes available on the recipe page on the website! The Spice Yard Blog & Recipes


  • Rachel

    Delicious and beautifully presented! Really enjoying trying out new recipes with these 🙂

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