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In October 2019 The Spice Yard was awarded a 5 star rating by Stockport Council for Food Hygiene.

As a food business we take food hygiene extremely seriously.

Why do all food businesses in the UK need to be registered?

A food hygiene rating reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of your inspection by the local authority carried out by the EHO Environmental Health Officer.  This is not an indication of quality, but whether processes, plans, and documentation are in order when producing food for consumption by the general public. It ensures food is bought in the correct way, stored in a suitable way, transported, cooked, cooled, preserved, displayed and sold in the right way.

Why is it so important to have a food rating?

The health and well-being of customers is our primary concern. If you are a food business you need to understand all of the processes and rules and regulations that are in place to ensure no-one is harmed. The food rating demonstrates our understanding of the food standards needed to operate a safe and healthy food business.

What do the the food hygiene ratings mean?

5 = Hygiene standards are very good

4 = Hygiene standards are good.

3 = Hygiene standards are generally satisfactory

2 = Some improvement is necessary

1 = Major improvement is necessary

0 = Urgent improvement is required

Why are food hygiene ratings important?

Firstly it tells you if a business has registered with their local council, as a food business.

Secondly the EHO has inspected the premises and reviewed how food is handled. stored, and prepared.  They have also reviewed the cleanliness of facilities and how food safety is managed within that business.

What else does this cover?

Ultimately its there to ensure, the food being produced is safe to eat.

It will cover:-

a) the monitored temperatures of food at any given stage of the food production process.

b) the labelling of food, including now allergen information

c) layout of food areas, preparation, lighting, ventilation, pest control, condition of appliances and overall cleanliness.

d) Training and systems in place to deliver good food hygiene throughout the company. e.g HACCP (Hazards Analysis and  Critical Control Points); Induction training; suitable and protective clothing; stock rotation and batch cooking.

Currently in England, businesses do not have to display their food rating at their premises. However as consumers are beginning to “look out” and search for establishments with good ratings, more and more food businesses are displaying their ratings.

In addition to the 5 food rating, The Spice Yard also hold a Level 1, 2 ad 3 hygiene certificate.  You must have Levels 1 and 2  to be able to trade food at pop ups or markets and restaurants.

If you need more information regarding food ratings and hygiene, please refer to the Food Standards Agency


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