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On Thursday evening I did something for the first time. I went on Radio Stoke on The Takeaway programme with the lovely Michelle Daniel.

I had listened to the show in the past and it was truly entertaining and relaxed.  That’s far from how I felt on the day. I had no idea how to prepare for this. I asked various friends for their advice.  Did I write myself a script…..did I hell! Were there important messages I needed to convey, absolutely, but I didn’t want to come across contrived.

I felt the need to swot up on my products, like an exam, but then realised they were MY products and no-one would know more about them, then I.

My thoughts soon turned to style and tone, as I sat there listening to others on the radio. I hardly had a voice for radio, but then again, what do I sound like on the radio? I used my voice recognition to record myself. Oh boy! Is there anyone that likes the sound of their own voice? High and squeeky came to my mind, with a nervous giggle. I MUST lower my voice, I concluded.

I went into the studio. A large blue mic, half the size of my head, hovered in-front of me. I sat nervously on the matching blue chair, with my brightly coloured products, ready to be displayed at a moments’ notice. To the left of me was James and Nicky from the restaurant Aston Marina. They had brought jumbo sausage rolls and festive mine pies for the show. Lovely food from lovely people. Nicky, who had been on the Takeaway before, seemed relaxed and jovial, like she had been on the Graham Norton sofa more than once. She made me feel calm and at ease. The food in the studio smelt wonderful – now that cant be a bad start! My piri piri potato bon bons went down well (especially with the producer Jack), as did my Christmas popcorn and winter spiced biscuits.

Michelle not only presented the show with finesse and delivered with passion and laughter, but she adorned the mustard jumper in-keeping with The Spice Yard’s own logo!

I left the studio wondering whether I had done The Spice Yard and myself proud.  The text messages began to arrive…”Nailed it” and bizarrely, friends thinking I had a sexy voice – who would have thought that!

As I drove home I tried to recall the last hour and to critic it myself, what could I have done better etc. I couldn’t listen to the programme that night and so I waited until the next day.

Let me know what you think by listening to the podcast, I’m on in the last hour. If you have had any Radio moments, I’d love hear about them! Oh and ignore the line up written in the blurb, as the guests were myself, The Spice Yard, James & Nicky from Aston Marina and Clare from Edge Gin.


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